Alex Boykitten Macdonald Ramsay (boykitten) wrote,
Alex Boykitten Macdonald Ramsay


The best things in life are free...

So have one on me!

I got my first Graze box in the post this week, and I was suitably impressed. The idea of tasty little somethings delivered directly to my desk is pretty awesome and if it wasn't for the fact that I am desperately skint right now, I would seriously consider subscribing because it appeals to my laziness, love of food and inclination towards pretending to be healthy. XD

But, you too can also get a free graze box by clicking here! And yes, it really is 100% free*!

*You have to subscribe and then unsubscribe if you don't want to stay on their list but it costs nothing but time and if you're actually reading this you probably have enough spare of that! ^^
Tags: nom nom nom, shameless plug
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