[Lolita in Wonderland II: the full details...]

Lolita in Wonderland II: Lolita Through the Looking Glass

I am very pleased to announce that the second ever LiW Japanese fashion festival will take place on Saturday May the 14th in Bethnal Green, London.

This is a full day event running from 12 ‘til late dedicated to celebrating Lolita fashion and it’s offshoots.

During the day there will be fashion shows, art exhibition, films and animé, workshops and talks, tea and cake, fun and games! And new to 2011: a special sales area with Lolita bazaar, clothing stalls and bring & buy sale!
In the evening there will be a loli club night with music, dancing, performances and more! There will also be a photo booth for you to get professional pics of your coordinates, refreshments, and a full bar.

We are now seeking artists, photographers, performers, models, shops, sellers and volunteers to make this happen.

( Information for artists and exhibiting photographers )

( Information for designers, sellers and shops )

( Information for performers, DJs, models and speakers )

( How to apply )

More information for guests will be up soon, watch loli_wonderland for the latest updates!

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edit: OK, this is well and truly out there! Sorry to those who are members of egl, loligothuk, uk_lolitas, london_loli, teapartyclub and loli_wonderland who got a sextuple spam sandwich!

[Everybody has aids...]

... yes, every time I buy or use things to assist with daily living I think about that song from Team America. Damn catchy bad taste tunes. It merited an icon but I can't find one.

But anyway, back to the point.
In December, since I admitted I had a problem, I have been spending obscene amounts of pennies to help me do things that I can't do anymore. Some have been incredibly helpful, some have not been worth the money, some have not even shown up yet, but under the cut is what I think of each thing and why.

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Overall, a bit depressingly hit-and-miss but the couple of really good items makes up for the rest of the crap.

And this took me faaaaaar too long. I've been doing other things but I've got through more than a whole film, NCIS and half a CSI!

edit: I've also found some very good, uh, 'marital aids' too and am happy to review those too if anyone's interested?

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[I want doesn't get...]

Dear Santa...
(boykitten's xmas list 2010)
Kinky things:
  • 302.83 tattoo (on my left collarbone)
  • μ tattoo (on my left wrist)
  • Cotton corset - short underbust 21"/22" corset in natural cotton possibly with tan leather trim (custom ordered through Nikita Sablier) - my short leather ones didn't sell so I'm keeping those instead.
  • Ramsay rabbit (bullet vibe)
  • Betty colour kit (for down there)
  • Secret santa sack (Anal please! - 20% discount on orders over £50 with promo code TRYME) after cleaning up my toy collection I've decided I really have enough toys for now!
  • Agent Provocateur 'Sharon' Cardigan/Jumper This one is the cheapest I've seen (seller might take a best offer on request) seller reduced it to £60 so I've bought it with my xmas money! :D
  • Ramsay Tartan mini kilt I lost one on ebay :( Fabric is here but I probably only need this much for the size of skirt I want! - found a long skirt for £1.99 which I will shorten and pleat myself. Hooray sewing! :)
  • Thigh high boots - any style with high heels in size UK7
  • Little cutlery and spoons. Particularly spoons ♥
  • Temporary barcode tattoo
  • Japanese Princess (Ken-ichi Murata) here
  • Princess of Desire (Ken-ichi Murata) here
  • Clear corset Atelier Sylphe (Model 3009)
  • A real straight jacket (i.e. functional)
  • Hospital red latex catsuit
  • Large toolbox (for make-up supplies!)
  • Custom mini stickers from Moo
  • Green mouse and telephone ice cream pendant/key ring
  • This VW badge - I got the tie instead! :D
  • This skeleton jumper
  • These stripper heels - in UK7
The Vanilla List:
  • Shogun Assassin [DVD] [1981]
  • Freaks [1932] [DVD]
  • 1984 (Orwell)
  • Inherent Vice (Thomas Pynchon)
  • Coutil fabric for making corsets
  • Wonka bar cufflinks
  • Digital oven thermometer (with probe)
  • A set of shot glasses
  • Wallet - got a beautiful brown leather one from my mum :)
  • Tie rack
  • Oven glove
  • Bike bell
  • Xmas jumper
  • Test tubes in a rack
  • Phrenology head
  • Bird cage (no bird required)
  • A tiered cake stand
  • Ice cube tray
  • Magnets
  • Fuzzy wuzzy bedsocks
  • St. Sebastian pincushion
  • Wind up freud pillow
  • Tickle me freud
  • These (RED) converse

[friends only...]

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This journal contains adult themes and content and is not suitable for children, the elderly and those with weak constitutions.
If you are offended by swearing, sex, gay sex, BDSM, fetishism, transsexuality, pansexuality, M/s, infrequent drug use, consensual violence, consensual non-consensual sex, polyamory, ageplay, trangst and similar please do not ask to be added.

I do not have filters, however I cut most explicit material and photos and I do use the adult content flags.


The best things in life are free...

So have one on me!

I got my first Graze box in the post this week, and I was suitably impressed. The idea of tasty little somethings delivered directly to my desk is pretty awesome and if it wasn't for the fact that I am desperately skint right now, I would seriously consider subscribing because it appeals to my laziness, love of food and inclination towards pretending to be healthy. XD

But, you too can also get a free graze box by clicking here! And yes, it really is 100% free*!

*You have to subscribe and then unsubscribe if you don't want to stay on their list but it costs nothing but time and if you're actually reading this you probably have enough spare of that! ^^

[srs bsns friends cut...]

I have just done a ruthless friends cut - I now have 63 friends left of the 283 people who have friended me (22%), and 16 communities of the 177 I originally subscribed to (9%).

It boils down to the fact I've hardly had time to update at all this summer and haven't had much chance to read and comment either. So, in order to make my time on here productive I think that I need to reduce what I have on my friends page to a minimum.
I would say that it's not personal but that would be silly as these are your personal journals we're talking about here. Most of the cuts were to journals that haven't been updated in a while, but some are more random than that and I won't pretend that the criteria for cuts that I made up on the spot was applied consistently in any way, shape or form.

Therefore, if you have been cut (i.e. you can't see my most recent post) and didn't want to be, please say and I will add you again.
On the flip slide, if you're feeling similar you can un-friend me and I will un-friend you back, no questions asked.

At this point I am also accepting recommendations from those who are staying for the sort of stuff you like to read posts about i.e. more kinky sex posts, more recipes, more photos, more confessions, more deep dark secret, more badgers, etc. - I won't make any promises but I will bear all suggestions in mind.

[Shoe Dilemmas...]

So, I have decided to go to the summer ball en femme. This is for several reasons, including but not limited to: messing with people's heads, getting myself noticed, reminding people who I am, the look on Matt/Liz/Kerry/Hannah's face, an excuse to wear my new corset, an excuse to wear a wig, boys clothes are boring, I want to sew something, etcetera.

So I have my corset, and decided to sew a skirt to match it in the same hand woven blue thai silk. I decided on making it a floor length fishtail number so I can be teh sexy rather than teh slutty for once! I'm going to make a bolero jacket in dark navy suiting to keep my shoulders warm and preserve some modesty. I'm going to wear my long black wig with the fringe, my opal ear plug and some sort of jewellery I haven't decided on.
But... I can't find the right shoes!
Turns out blue is so not this season, unless it's a particularly vile shade of neon-ish-but-not blue or turquoise. Some asshole has also decided that women get to wear pretty flat shoes, and as I've decided I need 4"+ heels all of those are out too.

So, my darling friends, I put the choice to you.

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Comments, queries and suggestions greatly appreciated!

And as you can see, I am procrastinating furiously for my exam on Thursday and trying to curb the impulse to stay up all night sewing when I have a big meeting all day tomorrow and have to get up at 7.45am!

[January Sales 2010...]

I'm starting to think of selling things again, I've got some things left over from my last epic sale, some new things that don't fit and some old favourites that I just don't wear now.
So, for your reference and mine, the brand lolita things I am thinking of selling are:Collapse )